Bonjour juillet

[Hello July]

The sun has been setting just before midnight and rising shortly after one. Lilac bouquets have turned the bushes, which edge the sidewalk, into a purple dream. And ducklings have been following us during our evening walks by the river.

We’ve had a wonderful month of June, perhaps not as sunny as I’ve known it to be, but at times, these sort of matters don’t count.

What does – count – right now is time.
It’s a rather strange thing though, the notion of time. How can something, which flashes by so fast we barely even notice, sometimes feel suspended? Yes, while I can’t believe it’s already July, I did spend many days contemplating the nature around us, almost like a series of still-life captures.





The not-so-official July happy list (featuring some things I never thought I’d ever say).
1. I have a lot of homework to do over the summer.
2. Working in the prettiest café, where I make fika and other pastries, for a month now. And yes, I’m super excited about it.
3. The midnight sun – which I did see for the first time last year as we went fishing on a lake way past anyone’s bedtime (a story I’ve meant to tell you about for too long) – is literally unbelievable; and totally disorienting.
4. I’ve updated the recipe index page! It might have taken a bottle of ice-cold white wine and too many coffees.
5. And I’ve finally given in to google’s recipe format. I sort of really like it.
6. July 24th will mark my ten years as a food blogger. Happy birthday to my little foodbeam (that has been “continued” here since 2011). My first post was about a matcha green tea tiramisu. Perhaprs, I should make an updated version of it soon.
7. However, all those years have got nothing on my inability to finish the MANY drafts I’ve started though. Yes, many of the things – and more – that I’ve told you about in May (!!!) are still not-so-patiently waiting.
8. Summer has definitely started. It might have taken a while, but now, blossoms are exploding everywhere around us. Not unlike some kind of wild fireworks.
9. My English is getting slightly awkward. As you might know, the swedes have a very different word placement system, and I’m at the stage where the four languages I know team up; not for the better.
10. I’ve fallen in love with the manholes of Skellefteå. Don’t ask, just look ;)

I hope you’re having a wonderful summer (or winter for all of you in the south where I’m sure a hot chocolate can do many wonders). x

5 thoughts on “Bonjour juillet

  • tannaz sassooni July 7, 2015 at 1:26 am

    you might enjoy this manhole series as well. most are taken by my friend amy, a los angeles native, currently living in berlin, but quite well traveled:

    congrats on (almost) ten years! your images and words are evocative, romantic, and beautiful. no doubt your recipes are equally delicious.

    • fanny July 9, 2015 at 11:53 am

      Thank you for the link! My manhole obsession should be satisfied ;) lots of love xx

  • Verdiana July 7, 2015 at 9:00 pm

    congratulations on the blog anniversary! <3
    those ''picture frames'' are so cute! what did you use to make them?
    i can tell you for experience that having four, or more, languages in your brain is exhausting most of the time but sometimes it makes the funniest sentences and jokes :) and that speaking the language of the place you're living in will make that one incredibly stronger in a very short time.. but please keep writing in english, i can't read swedish :)

  • mam July 9, 2015 at 6:31 pm

    tarte au citron meringuée , tarte aux abricots réussies. Délicieux goûter d’été…

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