Comme la rosée des matins d’été – Confiture de concombre à la vanille

[Not unlike summer morning dew – Cucumber and vanilla jam]

I walked in mud and bought some vintage tupperwares at a vide-grenier. I saw waves bigger than life. I felt them too. And heard the music they make as they crash into the sand.

I painted feathers onto a white porcelain plate. And abstract watercolours too.

And really, there is no feeling that matches creating something with your hands.

I admired raindrops on leaves. Not unlike jewels. Not unlike summer mornings dew.

I made brioche, two loaves of it. One of the quick kind, the other of the twenty-four-hour-slow kind. Both were eaten with cucumber and vanilla jam, generously spread – or perhaps, more accurately: dolloped.

And I remembered how much I love to make jams. Even more so when it takes barely five minutes. The secret is called Confisuc and although I know how to live without it, I must admit it makes things easier.

Grated cucumbers marinated with pectin sugar and more vanilla than you’d think necessary for a couple of hours. On the stove for five minutes. In the fridge for an hour.

And breakfast is served.

Confiture de concombre à la vanille
Adapted from Elle à table n°51

This recipe is seriously easy. “Deux temps, trois mouvements”, as we say in French.

It made me dig through the books at my parents home, looking for the one book you should have if you love jams: Christine Ferber’s Confitures.
And I’ve been reading it. A lot. So expect some breakfast treat around here!

This jam tastes like vanilla with the subtle freshness of cucumber. You should try it, it’s pretty amazing.

Confiture de concombre à la vanille

makes one pot

250g peeled and grated cucumber (from 2 medium cucumbers)
175g jam sugar
seeds from one vanilla pod

Place all the ingredients in a medium pan and stir well. Marinate for two hours.
Over high heat, bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes or until the jam coats the back of a cold metal spoon. Transfer to a clean jar, close the lid and allow the jam to cool upside-down.
Chill and keep in the fridge.


  1. Wow, that sounds super interesting! Love the idea! Et je viens juste de lire le Tweet de Griottes qui dit que tu vas publier un livre?! Wow, congrats, that’s amazing! Well done girl!

  2. I never heard about confiture de concombre. It sounds delicious. thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I love this combination: cucumber and vanilla! How great! I know what pektin & what sugar is. But you can’t buy it in Hungary. Individually how many grams of sugar & pektin would you use?

    Hi Zita, I would try: 170g sugar, 4g pectin NH, and 2g citric acid. xx

  4. Bon je n’ai toujours pas fait les scones… Du coup, je me dis que je pourrais faire une pierre deux coups en deux temps trois mouvements… mouhhaha

    Non sérieux, j’aime énormément l’idée. Il faut vraiment que j’essaye. I’m curious!!

    Aaaah encore et toujours nos bonnes expressions adorées! Merci pour ce commentaire qui m’a mis du baume au coeur. Et peut être même du chaume au beurre. x

  5. Who would have thought of cucumber jam, but you have made it look so beautiful, I now find it immensely appealing and want to make some right away.

  6. Must be an acquired taste. I made this and while it’s beautiful to look at, and didn’t care for the taste.

  7. We do not have jam sugar in Canada – do you know how much pectin to add to sugar to make this?

    1. If you increase the cucumber to 4 C. & adjust the sugar & vanilla accordingly, it will take 1 box (3 TBSP) of powdered pectin or 2/3 C. of liquid pectin.

      1. I cannot get pectin sugar in Texas either. Thanks for the info. Do you have any idea on how much sugar and vanilla would be needed with the four cups of cucumber and box of powdered pectin?

      2. For people in Canada (and maybe the USA), I used “Redpath Quickset for jams”, which seems to be pretty similar to Confisuc (sugar, pectin and citric acid). It worked perfectly.

  8. I can’t wait to give out jars of this recipe as party favors for an upcoming garden party. It’s so original! I was wondering if this recipe could be canned for unrefrigerated storage? I would love to can it using the powdered pectin conversions listed above. I have a water and pressure canner. Also, should I add lemon juice for canning? Thank you for the help.

  9. Great great great! J’ai préparé mes petits pots de confiture hier et je dois dire que ce matin je suis ravie !
    Cependant, moi qui fait attention a ma ligne (oui, bon..) et qui ne suis pas trop branchée sucre, je pense qu’il est possible de reduire de maniere assez importante la quantité de sucre dans la recette, et pourquoi pas rajouter quelques zestes de citron :) Apres, c’est plutôt une question de goûts ! Mais la recette originale est merveilleuse :D