Flavour combination #1 – Strawberries and coriander

This morning, I went around the garden. And ate a strawberry. Then I saw the coriander in full bloom and had a leaf. And bang!

Strawberries and coriander is such a darling flavour combination. And the beginning of a new series on comme un lait fraise where it’s all going to be about the flavour combos that feel like fireworks to me; not unlike notes to myself. Reminders of some sorts. And hopefully, you’ll mettre votre grain de sel [add your two cents] too.

[col grid=”3-1 first”]strawberry soup, isomalt tube, coriander foam[/col]

[col grid=”3-1″]coriander shortbread, white chocolate crémeux, macerated wild strawberries, coriander blossom ice-cream[/col]

[col grid=”3-1″]strawberry and coriander tropézienne: brioche, strawberry jam, coriander crème mousseline, fresh strawberries [/col]


    1. Hi Bogdan, I’m with you on the basil/strawberry combo. Pretty amazing and pretty overdone too. I’m trying to find some unexpected flavour pairings here, just like I did when I unknowingly ate a leaf of coriander after a strawberry. Bliss.

      As for the related post thingy, I use a plugin called related posts thumbnails. Glad you like it ;) x

  1. Love the new series, can’t wait to see what other amazingly tasty combinations you come up with

  2. oh oh oh, fraise coriandre, j’avoue que ce n’était pas gagné!! je tenterais bien le pré dessert pour faire connaissance…

    trop hâte d’en voir plus! (j’aime bien les trucs un peu louches…)

  3. Dommage je n’aime vraiment pas la coriandre, j’ai essayé, mais cette odeur de punaise écrasée j’ai horreur ! j’associe souvent la fraise au poivre, au basilic, ou à la menthe …

  4. I would never have thought to combine strawberry and coriander but it sounds wonderful, especially the second option with shortbread, white chocolate and wild strawberries, which always remind me of my first ever trip to a farm in France :-)