How to upgrade your baking? Become an in-house professional

Did you just start baking and you grow to like it more and more? Then, you should make a small stop and read the following article. Our team will unveil some secrets and tips that will make the art of baking more delicious for beginners.

Always be careful when you measure ingredients

Don’t try to eyeball the ingredients unless you are a pro or simply know the recipe from A to Z. As you may have heard before, baking is a precise science, and each measurement that is not done accordingly will negatively affect your pastry.

Each recipe you will find online from safe sources or in top-notch cookbooks will come with the exact measurements. We advise you to look for the best food bloggers/vloggers, read reviews about their recipes, and then try it yourself. Some recipes will come with the measurements in grams, while others in cups. You can convert one to another by knowing that one cup equals 237 ml which is 0.237 grams.

Try not to change the recipe

Did you spot some ingredients that are not to your liking? Then resist the temptation and try to keep the recipe as it is or research if adding extra ingredients will affect or not the baking process. Here is an example – do you want to make some delicious Greek Spanakopita? Then, don’t add too many wet ingredients (cheese, yogurt) over the dry ones (phyllo dough) as the dough will be soggy, and your pastry will not be tasteful at all.

In the same category is the temperature. If a recipe says to bake a pastry for 30 minutes at 350 F, then be careful and do it as it is mentioned. If it’s helpful enough, you can buy a timer and set it to take the pastry out in time. Do not let the pastry, the cookies, or other sweets cook over the timing as you can burn them. Also, you will dry the pastries, as they become more crunchy and untasteful. Look at the next video to see which are the most common mistakes that are frequently done in baking.

Keep your oven closed

From time to time, we become curious and want to see how much our pastry, pie, or cake rise, isn’t it? In order to see that, we are going to open the oven way too much. Of course, it is not forbidden to do that, one time if necessary but be careful with it! If you frequently open the oven door your pastry won’t rise as you would like, as the air influx will hit your delight which will make it flat.

Do this when you bake sweets!

Let’s say that instead of baking some salty delicacies, you choose to make some delicious sweets. First of all, make sure to buy some qualitative ingredients and after that, follow the next trick:

  • Do you have a cup of berries to integrate into your mix? Then, roll them over some flowers, and after that, place them in the wet dough. Do not keep the fruits as intact as possible and avoid breaking them.
  • Want to emphasize the vanilla taste? Then, change the classic vanilla essence with vanilla beans or vanilla bean paste.
  • Never skip the salt! Even if you bake sweets, a small pinch of salt will give a taste boost to your pastry
  • Pass the dry ingredients through a sieve to make the texture much finer.
  • Did you decide to make some brownies? Then add a small spoon of coffee into the mixture – this will be a game-changer! The chocolate taste is more present, much more software, and 100% heavenly!
  • Add your ingredients step by step, not all together! Do not add everything at the same time as each ingredient should be incorporated before with another one and later added to the dry mixture.

Use room temperature food

When you add a cold ingredient over a room temperature or when you add it over some hot ingredient (like heated butter) you may create chemical reactions that will destroy the food particles, texture, and, overall the entire taste. When a recipe specifically asks for room temperature ingredients, it is suggested to leave all of them overnight on your countertop or, at least one hour before starting the baking process.

For instance, you can not use cold butter to create a creamy texture for a cookie or a sponge cake. You simply have to wait to be at room temperature or cool down to incorporate beautifully with the rest of the ingredients.

Did you note all of these tips? Make sure to follow them and try as much as you can to respect all kinds of recipes, buy fresh ingredients, and don’t overbake your delights. By doing that, you will upgrade your baking skills, and maybe, you will want to try harder recipes.

Even if you are at the beginning of your baking adventure, don’t let yourself be intimidated by it! Simply try to pay lots of attention, and you will create delightful treats for yourself, your family, and your friends.


Top 5 uncovered myths about baking

Baking is a fun and relaxing activity, sometimes it can be highly demanding when it is pushed to another level. However, some people are afraid to start their baking adventure based on some myths like the lack of experience, or the need to buy expensive food processors.

As for today, information can be taken from real and safe sources, and it can help more than we thought. In one search on diverse browsers, we can find ingredients, tools, advices, and other details. Myths like that should not stop someone from baking and, that’s why we made a list of all the myths that are not true, and you should not take them into account. Let’s dive into the subject.

The lack of knowledge in baking will affect your baking

One common myth spoken way too much in the baking field is if you don’t have enough knowledge, you will never create a great pastry, a cake, or even a soft pie. Happily, this is 100% not true, although the history of baking is quite complex and usually scary for most beginners.

At one point, each one of us searched for an online recipe or bought a cookbook and created that recipe from scratch. The result, of course, was delicious, even if we did not memorize the recipe or had no experience in baking. So, in cases like that, what you should always remember:

  • Look for highly rated online recipes
  • Aim for a book created by professional bakers
  • Keep the things simple, and don’t overdo the recipe
  • Write the best recipe on paper and store them smartly
  • Be patient and don’t rush the cooking process

The expensive kitchen processors are what make delicious pastries

You don’t have to buy a thousand-dollar food processor to help you make delicious pastries. Well, 200 years ago there wasn’t something that would knead the dough as fast as a lightning bolt or something that would crush all the nuts to fill a pastry, right? Our grandmothers used mostly their hands, and a wooden rolling pin to stretch the dough. Even today, they prefer to use minimalistic kitchen tools and the food is tastier.

As you may remember, sometimes, they even used oval-shaped glass to create round donuts. Not to mention that, only with patience, and a kitchen whisk, they mixed all the sugar until it was perfectly incorporated with the egg yolks. Yes, the entire process took a lot of time, but the result was 100% divine. So, you can follow the same example if you don’t want to spend too much money on fancy kitchen processors. Even with cheap tools, the food will be delicious. Just look at the video attached below and relive bits of your childhood cooking memories.

Measuring ingredients will not affect your recipes

When it comes to the art of baking, each measurement can have an impact on your recipe. For instance, you will not want to add more milk when you cook a pastry for as long as the measurements for the flour are smaller.

Adding more than is required can result in a flop. Your pastry will turn out flat and will not rise as you want it to. Or maybe you added too much sugar and now, you cannot eat what you cooked. Baking is a great way to be careful with details, to pay attention, and just a little bit of effort for a result that will delight your palate.

Only sugar will create that divine sweet taste

Myths about sugar

Another myth that should be debugged is about sugar. You will hear on lots of forums or so-called specialists that sugar is healthier than other substitutes. Well, this is not true as once you use stevia or aspartame you will not feel a difference in taste.

Sugar can be replaced with lots of variants so people that cannot eat it and have health issues can still enjoy pastries, sweets, and other types of food. Moreover, these types of products are a game-changer in diets as well.

Choosing the fattest butter on the market can change everything

Try not to do this for all your recipes! Do not just add fat butter for everything you make when it comes to baking because it can drastically change the taste. At one point, the food can become so consistent that it will not be edible or, more likely, will be heavy on the stomach, and you will find it harder to digest. To make the right choice, you should be informed first. So, read recipes, ask for details and smartly create your shopping list.

Above you saw which are the 5 most interesting baking rumors that will never affect your cooking. Whenever you would like to start your baking adventure just keep in mind to look for high-quality recipes, choose ingredients smartly and even work with your hands on the dough and not with a fancy kitchen mixer.

Even when you are minimal, you will get the best results you’ll ever encounter. Just bake for fun, and in time you will upgrade your skill and create the most delicious desserts and pastries for family and friends. And, who knows, maybe you will be so good that your next plan is to open a bakery.


Top 5 traditional pastries crafted with love in Europe

There is no secret that all around Europe there are lots of delicious pastries.Their taste is amazing, unique, and they may become your next favorite thing to eat whenever you want a small treat for yourself. Soft or crunchy, sweet or salty, fried or baked, below there are 5 traditional pastries that shouldn’t be missed.

Meet the famous Croissant. A daily treat borned in France

There is no person in this world that did not try at least once the famous Croissant. For those who don’t know French Cuisine History, this is one of the richest and delicious ones, dating from medieval times. The croissants are for sure one of the most old and versatile pastry from all around the world as you can fill it with hazelnut cream, cheese, nuts, vanilla cream and so on.

But, as surprising as it can be, they did not originate in France but in Austria under the name of kipferl. Some people believe that queen Marie Antoinette introduced the concept of croissant in France as she missed her homeland. In France, the croissants became popular in 1850, and since then, they are a top favorite and the best selling in all bakeries. If you have no idea about croissants, look below at a list of the most popular types:

  • Chocolate croissant
  • Breakfast boat croissants
  • Almond paste croissa

The Greek Spanakopita. A public favorite since forever

After France, Greece claims an important role in the pastry industry, as it has a lot of history and recipes that date from hundreds of years. Maybe the following delight was God’s favorite food since it may be older than the Byzantine Empire. Once spinach arrived in Europe from the Middle East, Greeks saw a high potential in cooking it. This may be the reason why even in the present, they use spinach in lots of recipes.

Today, people describe Spanakopita as a pastry with a healthy kick. Is the best salty thing you can taste whenever you go to Greece or to any other bakery that cooks it. Usually, it comes in a pie format but is served as a pastry filled with tons of spinach and feta cheese all wrapped in phyllo dough. If you are curious to see the handcrafting process of phyllo, check the following video.

Enjoy a sweet bite from Spain with the crazy delicious Churros

Let’s stop in the sunny part of this world – Spain. If you ever have the opportunity to make a stop there, make sure to try out some churros. This deep-fried delicacy will exceed your expectations, and will make you want to eat more and more. Dip them in a chocolate sauce and taste the perfection of this old yet modern pastry that has become popular worldwide.

Churros entered this world after the Spanish Inquisition back in the year 1500, and they are traditionally made as they were back in the day. The only difference is just the fryers that will cook the churros in seconds, keeping them crunchy on the outside and extra soft on the inside. It is said that those who conceived churros were some Spanish shepherds that wanted to create a pastry even in areas where there were not any bakeries.

They thought about how to make the dough, how to add some sweetness to it, and how to cook it on an open fire. Traditionally, after frying churros, they are rolled over some sugar and cinnamon.

A powdered kiss from Austria – The Apfelstrudel

The Apfelstrudel, also known as Apple Strudel worldwide, is one of the most delicious and consistent sweets. Made with lots of layers of dough, this traditional Austrian dessert is available in all kinds of bakeries. Filled with mouthwatering thin sliced or grated Golden Delicious apples varieties, an Apple Strudel works wonders when you are on a break and looking for a sweet pastry to accompany your coffee.

However, when it comes to its origin story, before becoming a traditional pastry dessert, rumor has it that it belonged to Hungary and later entered Austria. As the first recipe was found in 1619, people believe that the Apple Strudel is much older than that and somehow this delicacy was mainly created for the upper class of Vienna. Since then until now, people upgraded the recipes, and some bakers include walnuts, almonds, or nuts in the filling, to make it more delightful.

An all time favorite from Bulgaria. The cheesy Banitsa

Cheese, butter, yogurt, and phyllo pastry accompany each Banitsa, a salty yet balanced Bulgarian traditional delight. Crafted layer by layer with lots of attention and pumped with plenty of feta or sirene cheese, you will simply not resist it – especially at breakfast. Serve it with yogurt, hot or cold, and continue your day full of energy.

One interesting fact about Banitsa is that on New Year’s Eve, it is filled not only with its base ingredients but also with lucky charms and messages that may bring lots of fortune in the upcoming year.

Besides their divine taste, all of the 5 pastries described above are extremely cheap, and some people consider them a comfort food. To find them near your area, look for the traditional pastries for one of the mentioned countries, find a store that sells traditional products or simply try to make them from scratch.


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