Top 5 uncovered myths about baking

Baking is a fun and relaxing activity, sometimes it can be highly demanding when it is pushed to another level. However, some people are afraid to start their baking adventure based on some myths like the lack of experience, or the need to buy expensive food processors.

As for today, information can be taken from real and safe sources, and it can help more than we thought. In one search on diverse browsers, we can find ingredients, tools, advices, and other details. Myths like that should not stop someone from baking and, that’s why we made a list of all the myths that are not true, and you should not take them into account. Let’s dive into the subject.

The lack of knowledge in baking will affect your baking

One common myth spoken way too much in the baking field is if you don’t have enough knowledge, you will never create a great pastry, a cake, or even a soft pie. Happily, this is 100% not true, although the history of baking is quite complex and usually scary for most beginners.

At one point, each one of us searched for an online recipe or bought a cookbook and created that recipe from scratch. The result, of course, was delicious, even if we did not memorize the recipe or had no experience in baking. So, in cases like that, what you should always remember:

  • Look for highly rated online recipes
  • Aim for a book created by professional bakers
  • Keep the things simple, and don’t overdo the recipe
  • Write the best recipe on paper and store them smartly
  • Be patient and don’t rush the cooking process

The expensive kitchen processors are what make delicious pastries

You don’t have to buy a thousand-dollar food processor to help you make delicious pastries. Well, 200 years ago there wasn’t something that would knead the dough as fast as a lightning bolt or something that would crush all the nuts to fill a pastry, right? Our grandmothers used mostly their hands, and a wooden rolling pin to stretch the dough. Even today, they prefer to use minimalistic kitchen tools and the food is tastier.

As you may remember, sometimes, they even used oval-shaped glass to create round donuts. Not to mention that, only with patience, and a kitchen whisk, they mixed all the sugar until it was perfectly incorporated with the egg yolks. Yes, the entire process took a lot of time, but the result was 100% divine. So, you can follow the same example if you don’t want to spend too much money on fancy kitchen processors. Even with cheap tools, the food will be delicious. Just look at the video attached below and relive bits of your childhood cooking memories.

Measuring ingredients will not affect your recipes

When it comes to the art of baking, each measurement can have an impact on your recipe. For instance, you will not want to add more milk when you cook a pastry for as long as the measurements for the flour are smaller.

Adding more than is required can result in a flop. Your pastry will turn out flat and will not rise as you want it to. Or maybe you added too much sugar and now, you cannot eat what you cooked. Baking is a great way to be careful with details, to pay attention, and just a little bit of effort for a result that will delight your palate.

Only sugar will create that divine sweet taste

Myths about sugar

Another myth that should be debugged is about sugar. You will hear on lots of forums or so-called specialists that sugar is healthier than other substitutes. Well, this is not true as once you use stevia or aspartame you will not feel a difference in taste.

Sugar can be replaced with lots of variants so people that cannot eat it and have health issues can still enjoy pastries, sweets, and other types of food. Moreover, these types of products are a game-changer in diets as well.

Choosing the fattest butter on the market can change everything

Try not to do this for all your recipes! Do not just add fat butter for everything you make when it comes to baking because it can drastically change the taste. At one point, the food can become so consistent that it will not be edible or, more likely, will be heavy on the stomach, and you will find it harder to digest. To make the right choice, you should be informed first. So, read recipes, ask for details and smartly create your shopping list.

Above you saw which are the 5 most interesting baking rumors that will never affect your cooking. Whenever you would like to start your baking adventure just keep in mind to look for high-quality recipes, choose ingredients smartly and even work with your hands on the dough and not with a fancy kitchen mixer.

Even when you are minimal, you will get the best results you’ll ever encounter. Just bake for fun, and in time you will upgrade your skill and create the most delicious desserts and pastries for family and friends. And, who knows, maybe you will be so good that your next plan is to open a bakery.