Skinny dipping – Double chocolate profiteroles

I haven’t been hanging out with my laptop much lately. You see, I’ve been sort of busy doing this. And some unexpected things. Of the good kind.

Like a lunch at Mauro Colagreco‘s Mirazur – which you will certainly hear of next week – and the less-than-occasional dip in the waves. The skinny way. Or so they say.

There is one thing that couldn’t wait for my return to the island made of clouds and possible rain. An insider told me it’s been freezing, and although I really don’t want to believe him, he might be right.
After all, we had our London summer a month ago now. And if it’s anything like it’s been last year, that’s pretty much all we are going to get.

I, however, didn’t come here tonight to talk about the weather.

My plan was more about chocolate. And perhaps, a bit more chocolate.
In fact, let’s say it out-loud. It’s all about double chocolate.

As a reminder that choux aren’t only good when sucre casson is sprinkled on them. You could also slice the naked choux (and back we are at the skinny dipping thing), fill them with your favourite ice-cream.

It’s needless to say that I highly recommend a creamy chocolate ice-cream. And please don’t bother making a nice scoop. Spoon the ice-cream straight into the choux. Place the lid back on.

And drizzle a warm chocolate sauce on top. I was told that David’s is rather excellent. But on my side of the world, we just brought some milk to the boil and poured it over chopped dark chocolate until it seemed right.

Instant profiteroles. Not so pretty. But if that makes you feel any better, eating them is not pretty either. Let’s note it makes quite a decent dessert-fix though.

Recipe: Pâte à choux [Choux paste]


  1. Mmm Fanny they’re tempting me… a lot! I like to visit your blog, I think it’s adorable and so original!!!

  2. Beautiful photo!

    Your chocolate sauce sounds familiar -I just made a chocolate glaze for a boston cream pie the same way (except I made mine with heavy cream!).

    Yes exactly, a simple ganache is often the best thing. Let’s just say I tried to make mine a little less creamy using milk and not cream!

  3. Hi there! I’ve always followed your blog and finally leaving a comment here. I really admire all the pastries you made and the pictures you took, esp. the latest one with gif animation inserted inside a frame. How did you do that?? :) Just curious! It’s awesome.

    Hi Jeanette, I’m glad you commented. It’s always nice to “see” who’s reading :)
    As for the animated gifs, it’s a little addiction of mine. Glad you like them too!
    To make them, I simply take lots of pictures in continuous mode. Then layer them in photoshop using the animation tool. Easy peasy. xx

  4. Dear Fanny,

    really nice entry & photos as usual! Would like to send you a query via PM, will greatly appreciate if you could give me your email address. Cheers and best, Angie

  5. I’m absolutely in love with the first picture ! It’s simply eye-catching and mouthwatering :)
    Tu as un blog très très chouette Fanny !

  6. i’ve always wanted to make profiteroles but have never really tried my hands on them yet…now, how can anyone resist profiteroles that look this amazing?! i don’t think i can hold back my desires to try making it any longer

  7. This looks absolutely chic and delicious! Will definitely have to make this for a fancy dinner with friends. The chocolate sauce alternative sounds really easy to do as well!