Summertime coldness – Café frappé, comme en Grèce

[Iced coffee, just like in Greece]

There is this nice place a few footsteps away from Knightsbridge. It has a counter made of salads – more beautiful one than the other – and cakes – most likely blueberry with some kind of oaty crumbles. It also has the cutest waiters. And they make coffee, the Greek way.

In fact, I need to bring my camera next time I go. Most likely tomorrow. Not for the waiters, although I’m sure you wouldn’t mind some serious hotness, but today, it’s more about coldness.

Ice-cubes and coffee. And milk, with a touch of cream too.

Because we can never have enough coffee in our lives, here is the recipe for the creamiest cup you could ever have.

In a one-litre jar, mix 3 tablespoons of instant coffee with 3 tablespoons of cold water and 2 tablespoons of caster sugar. Close the lid and shake away, until light and foamy. Add ice-cubes half-way to the top of the jar. And top with milk. Add dash of cream. And serve in glasses. Or as we do in the kitchen: in mismatched small jars.

Hope you’re having a lovely summer. Mine has been super-busy so far. News and updates to come soon soon.
And PS. thanks to everyone who signed in for the newsletter. The first edition should be on the way very shortly (well, knowing me, that’s more likely to be another month).


  1. The basic frappe recipe is.
    2 tbsp spray-dried instant coffee
    0,1 or 2 or more tbsp sugar depending on preference.
    Shake in a container until frophy.
    Add icecubes and water.

    This is how its done in the city it was invented.

    Milk, vanila ice cream, cream, Baileys Irish Cream, Kahlúa or any liqueur that fits can be added.

  2. Greek frappe is the best, isn’t it? A Greek girl here, who can’t live without the stuff!
    If I’m ever in London, I must visit that place with the cute waiters :)

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