• Recipe studies: Brioche

    brioche control 1 2-5

    Every few weeks or so, we’ll explore another aspect of the science behind brioche; from the study of the impact of the egg to milk ratio in the dough, to techniques and further questions.

    Follow the study here or on instagram: #BRIOCHESTUDY.

    A list of posts, written or to be published:

    • A brioche study, part one: the approach
    • A brioche study, part two: the method (ingredient list, pastry chef tips and techniques on brioche)
    • A brioche study, recipe: brioche #1, the control
    • A brioche study, recipe: brioche #2, the almost Chavot-brioche
    • A brioche study, recipe: brioche #3, the pain au lait
    • A brioche study, recipe: brioches #4 and #5
    • A brioche study, part three: impact of the egg-to-milk ratio in rich doughs.
    • A brioche study, ressources: Brioche in literature.

    Other themes may include: research on flour protein variations, how to knead brioche by hand…

  • Morning snow – Fromage blanc cake

    There was a day spent in the garden. A rake in the hands, and dead leaves piled high on a wheelbarrow. That day, the sun was high and warm, just like the two eagles we’d seen earlier, right after sunrise. The following morning was an entirely different story. A story made of snowflakes and a crackling fireplace. Both lasted all day, for the record. I ...

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    The macramé coconut bird feeder

    We’re in Åsen for the week. With a very limited internet connection, but this kind of thing doesn’t matter when you have for only alarm, the soft light of the sun through a forest of birches, and the mésanges‘ songs . There are the woodpeckers too, not unlike a ticking clock. Yes, we’ve seen many birds perched in the trees that line the forest, but ...

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    A life-changing way to scan watercolours

    This afternoon, I started gathering things I want to bring with us to Åsen (two more days!!). A film camera, and many rolls of my favourite film – Kodak Ektar in case you’re wondering, two bags of stone-ground flour, a glazed ceramic tray, watercolours and brushes. And in the center of the block of cold-pressed paper, I found these illustrations I made two summers or ...

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    Stories from a recent past – Romtårta

    One morning, we left for Byske as soon as K. got home; with, for only reason, the two horses that he’d seen and wanted to show me. In the distance, a farm broke through the wall of björkar [birches] that lines the road. As we approached, it became clear that the horses had been moved. Instead, we stopped a few hundreds of meters later, way ...

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