• Demain, déjà

    [Tomorrow, already]

    Today, the city woke up as I was slowly falling asleep after a night made of flour, butter and water. Through the cab window, it felt like the time had stopped. To that moment just before the dawn; when it’s still dark, but people are already running late.

    My bag barely hid the jackets I was taking home. One of them used to be black, but now looks like it’s been covered in sprinkles. The kind that feels just as starch and gluten bound together with water.

    Tomorrow, I will go for a walk. Possibly early in the morning. Mostly because I slept through the whole day and fed myself with clementines. It’s now dark outside once again. Except, this time, night is upon us and not behind.

  • I’ve been locked inside your heart-shaped box – Des pretzels au chocolat

    [Chocolate-covered pretzel] Many people will tell you that tempering chocolate is easy. Well, I’m afraid I don’t agree. The theory is easy. The practical side of it? Not so much. It’s messy. It likes to screw with my brains; and quite possibly with my white jacket too. It’s something from which I understand the underlying science. And yet, at times – palette knife in one ...

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    A six heures, ce matin

    [Six o’clock in the morning] This morning, too early for people to be awake and too late for party-bunnies to be asleep, the pavement seemed covered in snow. Glitters, cigarette ends and confetti that would shine to the subtle glow offered by lamp poles. The ones with the Chanel monograms. Yes, a new year had begun. Technically, it started on a night made of loudness ...

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