• Somewhere, outside

    A couple of days ago when Stephanie thanked me not to be a food snob, I think she didn’t realise how right she was. The proof lies in the bowl of rice I’ve just had. It was meant to be pilaf, the kind of rice you stir with a little oil then cover with water and let to cook until a perfectly golden crust forms at the bottom of the pan.

    But then, minutes turned into seconds, and I ended up with a black crust. Tired and more than hungry, I ate my burnt rice. With seaweed and sesame. And also a couple of sliced spring onions.

    This doesn’t call for sophistication, it calls for courage, or – perhaps more accurately – a serious dose of hunger, and chopsticks.

    You see, today, I’ve been stuck in bed. Too sick to cook, let alone, to eat. It’s the kind of days where I can spend hours looking at pictures of the outdoors.

    The occasional blurry squirrel, the beautiful art of Anish Kapoor at Kensington Gardens, the neat paper towels of the Serpentine cafe. More than pictures, they are moments. Spent in the wind. And the cold. And the rain.

    And now, from a bed; layered with a thick duvet cover and a warm blanket.

  • Forward

    At times, we have no choice but remain quiet. Words seem bland. Words that can’t say how we feel. Right now, I’m looking forward. To plenty of things. But mostly, to see this face. My most favourite. The most beautiful. I miss her so much; more than it’s possible to say out-loud, unless I scream until I can’t breathe anymore. And she’s coming over here. ...

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    On the soft edge – Instant pizza sandwich

    At times – when we’re too tired to eat and too hungry to sleep – only a slice of soggy pizza will do. And the microwave becomes our best friend as we’re heating the fat edge from a store-bought pizza until the mozzarella starts to bubble. A sprinkle of salt and cayenne pepper, a handful of rocket, and a drizzle of olive oil later, the ...

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    I love you like chocolate cake

    I wake up to darkness, sleepy faces, and cold winds. I go home to darkness, empty streets, and many thoughts. In between, there is flour. And sugar. And butter. Lots of each. I spend my time in front of scales. Or plates waiting to be filled. I hear the ovens going off. I smell like chocolate. And I dream of eating something savoury. I live ...

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    Street lights happen to be just like moments – Doughnuts à la vanille

    [Vanilla doughnuts] It’s been raining a lot these days. And the night has been falling late in the morning; leaving very few hours for the light to turn from golden to blue. It feels like I’m learning to read the time again. Except, not with numbers, but colours. I’ve been frying a lot of doughnuts these days. In a small pan over my gas stove, ...

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