Bonjour Mai

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[Hello May]


It’s always like this, when I bake more than I can blog about, I subsequently find myself wordless. Even more so this time, because this July will mark my ten years of blogging about food.
Yes, some of you might not know but before comme un lait fraise, I used to write on foodbeam and mon petit navire, a more personal blog.

And well, I’ve certainly been thinking a lot about blogging: the motives and purposes, the alignment towards magazines and books, the good/bad/ugly… Perhaps, I have a very unrealistic expectation that it should be simpler than it is. Really, I miss the spontaneity: be it a sentence, a picture, or a recipe.

While I don’t exactly know how I’m going to approach this what’s-the-point-of-it-all crisis, there is one thing I know for sure: I don’t want to stop blogging. But I want it to feel right and true; for your sake, and mine too.


In April, I’ve discovered that baking logs were a thing thanks to Sarah who makes beautiful ones every month on Steller. Which reminds me that I need to update my social media icons in the sidebar. Which reminds me that my professional website needs updating too. Which reminds me that… Yes, it’s truly endless. Sometimes, I wonder how everyone manages to keep up with everything.

I made one too. And I hope I’ll make one again for May. And June.

The not-so-official May must-tell-you-about list.

1. An oat sourdough bread, that I still need to work on. But we’ve moved and I don’t have a cast-iron pot here. And yesterday, when I baked our usual Tartine country sourdough without it, it looked a bit sad; still amazing, but not the same shiny blistered crust.
2. Swedish progresses. I’m not going to lie, I love being a student again. And spend most of my afternoons at the campus library, studying Swedish grammar. As a result, my brain is now a mess made of French, English and Swedish; at times, even Italian words randomly pop up.
3. Pains au chocolat bullar, or when croissant dough is combined with a chocolate pastry cream and shaped like a bulle.
4. I’m thinking of breaking down my “croissant studies” post as it’s already getting way too long.
5. Our Sunday bicycle rides through the woods. And the start of spring (damn it’s slow here!).
6.Tartine country bread; the new favourite in our house. I make it every week. Tonight we’ll have a buttered slice along with a bowl of leek and potato soup; another of our coups de coeur.
7. I’m counting days until all the trees around us will start to bloom.
8. Inspired with the exchanges my friend Sabrina and I once had about less-sweet-jams, I’ve been wanting to do some research on a compote/jam coumpound.
9. I am – always and forever – writing my articles about: ice-creams, gelatine, and yeast.
10. Last week, I made kanelbulle again for Karl to pack in his lunchboxes. Yes, I’m only a year or so behind on this – expect the recipe soon ;)

Une promenade à Skellefteå

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first day in Skellefteå

first day in Skellefteå-2

first day in Skellefteå-8

first day in Skellefteå-13

first day in Skellefteå-4

first day in Skellefteå-3

first day in Skellefteå-5

first day in Skellefteå-11

first day in Skellefteå-6

first day in Skellefteå-9

first day in Skellefteå-7

first day in Skellefteå-12

first day in Skellefteå-15

first day in Skellefteå-10

first day in Skellefteå-14


Today meant a lot of things.

A four am wake-up of some kind that only sunrise can bring. And falling back asleep. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, and filmjölk with oats and honey. A few amazing hours in a classroom, learning Swedish, one word at a time. And sitting at a café terrace in the sun at seven pm; almost forgetting that, just a few weeks ago, dusk was blooming earlier than it is now.

But mostly, it meant a long promenade à vélo [bicycle ride] through the streets and the paths and the woods of a city that will be home for the months to come.

I like it here. And I hope you will too. To new adventures and a new season. To more flowers around us and dreams in Swedish!

Les giboulées d’avril – Brioches feuilletées au sucre

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[April showers – Flaky sugar brioches]

brioche feuilletée au sucre

Today, it hailed three times. Rained once. And snowed twice. With the sun being at its brightest in between. Yes, I think April showers take a whole new meaning here.

Some other things do too.
In fact, I started this post in my head – perhaps yesterday, or even the day before – by telling you how busy this week has been. But as I’m writing this now – dressed with wool from head to toes, and sitting at the little wooden table that stands by the stacked firewood; hot chocolate in one hand, computer in the other, pink sunset and all – I’m forced to re-evaluate my Swedish version of busy.

Especially when, just a few months ago, busy meant an eighteen-hour day on a three-hour night. A few hundreds of covers and the mise-en-place to match.

These days, busy has been more like taking walks and pictures. An occasional visit to the city we’ll call home from this Monday. Perhaps, a batch of croissants; twelve of them. Or some choux, with a vanilla cream just so. A few hours spent unpacking the boxes we brought from London. And packing the essentials again. A loaf of bread; a large one mind you, but still: one. Uploading all my recipes (well, as of now, I’m about one percent into the process) to – what I think is going to be – the best/easiest/cleanest recipe database ever.

brioche feuilletée au sucre

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