If you want to make me the happiest girl ever, please send an email – for a question, a word…

But I’ll admit it, I’m very bad at keeping up with all the emails that reach my inbox; so don’t feel sad if it takes months to answer. And when I say months, I literally mean MONTHS.

Just keep in mind that I work seventeen hours a day, so if your email is really important, do send me a couple of reminders, preferably daily, until I answer.



  1. Hi Fanny! Love your blog! Am trying to email question, but can’t get through. Could you please send tips for scones? The ice cream cone covers up parts of the print and I don’t want to miss anything important. All the best!!

  2. Your blog is such a delight to visit. You must be super busy these days, but I’m crossing fingers that you’ll be posting again soon!!!

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