About me

Bonjour, I’m Fanny.

I was born in 1985 in the south of France.

I played with a kite on the beach, I sat on the kitchen counter overlooking her grand-mère bake madeleines. I rode my bicycle through a land I know by heart, and I fell in love – many times.

I milked goats and made cheese, I travelled to New Zealand, I made cakes of the delicious kind, and studied to be a product developer for the food industries.
Of course, I then proceeded to study again to become a pastry chef after I fell in love with stainless steel at Pierre Hermé’s lab.
Yes, as soon as I came back from a semester on the other side of the world, I went straight to Paris, with a suitecase-ful of pieds-de-poule trousers and unworn chef jackets. I was to be an intern at Pierre Hermé.

I still remember stepping into the dark shop on a warm summer morning. Right before dawn. I had ridden my bicycle from that little flat in the first arrondissement – the same one that holds so many precious memories. And I had no idea what was about to happen.

Well, let me tell you what did happen: I never looked back. And an apprenticeship at pâtisserie Lac later, I moved to London and was lucky enough to work with some of the best chefs around. In case you’re interested, have a look at fannyzanotti.com.

In February 2015, after many years in what will remain my favourite city almost-ever, Karl and I decided to move to a small village in the north of Sweden, where he’s from. And so far, it’s all been a dream.


I write words on black notebooks smeared with chocolate and meringue, butter and flour. And whenever I can, I write here too.
In fact, I’ve been blogging about food since 2005. Back when blogs didn’t mean a thing and were more misses than hits. I started with foodbeam, but somehow, on the very first morning of 2011, in between the glorious party confetti and glasses of champagne, comme un lait fraise [like a strawberry milk] came to life.

This blog is a dream-catcher of some sorts. A place where recipes, polaroids, and memories are safely kept.
And well, yes, strawberry milk is my very own madeleine, one of endless summers and vanilla ice-cream by the sea.


In Spring 2014, my first book Paris Pastry Club was published by Hardie Grant. It’s a collection of my absolute favourite recipes. From basics like chocolate chip cookies and the last brioche you’ll ever need; to slightly more complex desserts, like a fraisier or an three-chocolate mousse cake.

It is available on Amazon.


  1. Hello ! I’m a french girl in a business school and I love cooking ! I would like to have a CAP when I graduate, do you know which school I can enter ? I don’t have a lot of money to pay for Lenotre for example.
    I heard about Ferrandi or l’école des métiers de la table, what do you think ?

    Thanks a lot !!


  2. Salut, j’adoooore ton blog !!! Quelle source d’inspiration pour moi…. Moi je viens de tomber dans la pâtisserie grâce à mon cooking chef ! J’habite en Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée et je suis le programme de CAP via les infos que je trouve sur le net. Du coup je vends mes pâtisseries dans un coffee shop dont la manager est française. Ici ça fait un tabac même si elles ne sont pas parfaites! Ahahaha ! Voilà je voulais juste partager mon expérience avec toi. Mon rêve étant de pouvoir ouvrir un petit salon de thé où je pourrais faire plaisir aux gens avec mes pâtisseries maison… Peut-être en Bolivie (notre possible prochaine destination !). Bon courage à toi et félicitations pour ton parcours… Pâtissière dans un restau à Londres… Wahhh !!!!! Le pied !

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