Baity kitchen

172 walton street, SW32JL


I’ve told you about Baity before. Well, mostly about that absolutely adorable guy with the glasses and his Greek iced coffee.

But, really, this place is the dimestore diamond of Chelsea. It’s understated, in the best way possible; especially when all you get around are 12£ lattes (remind me to tell you the story of that Russian café we retreated to, defeated by the winter rain).

There is the back-garden, and the teal chairs and aluminium tables, there are the oreo-filled brownies, and cookies too. There is a counter that will make you hungry even when you’re not. And, yes, there is the Greek iced coffee, one of the many-good-reasons to spend lazy summer afternoons at the terrace.



baity 4



  1. Oh Fanny, I’m so sorry to tell you that Joudie closed Baity two weeks ago :(
    It was my favourite place in Chelsea too.
    The food was so yummy and tasty I often compared it as eating pure Sun.

    I’ll miss it greatly!

  2. Hi All, yes it is true unfortunately What a lovely post about my lovely Baity. The new rent and rates forced us to close…. Too sad! I hope to see you all again soon some day.

    1. hi Joudie, I’m so so sad to hear this. Your café was the most beautiful place and I could have spent all my afternoons there if I didn’t have to go back to work at night. I really hope Baity will exist again one day, under one shape or another. x