Bonjour octobre

[Hello October]

Some may wonder what the point is really, to say hello when it’s almost time for goodbyes.

Well, let me tell you a story. Or more accurately the end of it. At times, beginnings don’t matter.

We’ll start with the very last kiss that made our lips burn and the cab-meter go well past a fiver. It was cold and well into the morning, but for us, it was still the day before. Somehow, in between the glitters that once were on my eyes and the Hendricks gin we called supper, we got stuck sometime between two and three am. For hours.

The cab door opened. We kissed. I saw things spin around us, it was not the booze and certainly not a merry-go-round either. And I rushed in, hoping to find comfort in the shape of a cheap electric heater, when I’d have rather been frozen to the bone with his lips on mine.
His flight was a few hours away, mine would never come. The dreams we had would stay as such, dreams. And just like this, I very well knew I’d never see him again.

One kiss, hello and goodbye.

I cried. But one thing that kiss didn’t allow was what-ifs and their flock of hazy feelings that things could have been different.
It was what it was. Wonderful, not unlike magic in many ways. Only I could have told him I liked him when we still had time. But these are things we learn with time.

And this is why no matter how close the farewell is, you should always say hello. Even if you think it’s too late, even when you know it’s too late.

I might be eighteen days behind, but BONJOUR OCTOBRE.

The not-so official October happy-list.

1. And for it I must warn you: broken-record alert! I’m only one chapter away to finishing my dream-book. So looking forward to the photoshoot and design now.
2. Plating beautiful desserts at John Salt, one week to go. I just can’t wait.
3. Walks by the Thames. Misty and all.
4. Two birthdays that make me wish I was in France this week: Bon anniversaire Aïda et maman! Je vous aime fort fort.
5. I fell in love with a tale of two. And this is coming in my kitchen very very soon.
6. Baking at home soon. One day! It’s just that doing not one – but two – restaurant openings is fairly time consuming. Of the 7am-till-1am time consuming.
7. But bubble teas make it all ok.
8. Coming up with a ribambelle of petits fours for John Salt. Brace yourself!
9. Blue-sky days with icy winds.
10. Pumpkin lattes – not of the Starbucks kind (I ordered one, had one sip, turned my back on it; fact). That’s it.

PS. No iPhone pictures this month, because I sort of broke the camera on my phone. Well it broke itself in my bag. I guess I have to thank its Mary Poppins factor. Yeah, right.

6 thoughts on “Bonjour octobre

  • Biscuiteer October 18, 2012 at 1:57 pm

    you’ve deeply touched my heart, maybe because my heart was broken yesterday. I was living in a dream, dreaming a dream, dreaming with a life, unreal.

    Thanks for sharing your magical words, which transported me to the scene, and placed me in October, where I’m attempting to bake Lardy Cakes, with the feeling is going to be a fail. But dreaming, still.

  • Fanny October 18, 2012 at 2:21 pm

    Hi there,
    Just a few words to tell you how amazing your blog is, wish I could eat all what your cook and above all, you are such a good story-teller ! You should start writing novels during you spare time (from 1 a.m to 6.m) ! Well, when I get to London I will definitely come to one of the restaurant you work at to try a piece of one of your cake or other yummy treats.
    Ahaha, I sound like a groupie talking to its favorite rock star …
    All the best for all your plans,


  • chris October 18, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    Now you’ve left me hungry for more. What happened to those two lovers? God I’m such a romantic sucker for love stories.

    Hope you’re having a lovely October. Now that November is just around the corner, perhaps you’ll tell us more about this story in the next Bonjour Novembre! Fingers crossed.

  • mam October 18, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    Partir pour mieux se souvenir…baiser tendre

  • anne October 18, 2012 at 5:28 pm

    Thank you so much for your kind words. This is odd, I found your blog foodbeam some years ago and now to be linked here.
    Lovely October!

  • Alice October 19, 2012 at 9:35 am

    This lovely story touched me deeply as my heart got broken recently. Because of someone I shouldn’t have fall for, someone who lives in a different country, someone who would make me suffer even more if we tried to start something. We had our little magical moments. And it is now hard to tell myself: move on.

    Happy October x

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