Things that #2… make me long for autumn

The sound of wind through the trees. And of leaves under our boots too.
The hidden world behind puddles.
Knowing that Christmas is just around. Because, really, the best thing about Christmas is the perfect mix of anticipation and excitement.
The rain. And when it stops pouring, the one that comes from trees.
Lingering in gold, every cloud is ours.
Walks through empty alleys in museums. And the too-hot-to-drink coffees we have there too.
The endless road-trips; where windscreen-wipers beat faster than our hearts.
Pumpkins and pine cones and apples and chestnuts.
The figs we eat from the branches. And the oysters we gather from rocks made of mud. The blackberry bushes we spike our fingers with.
The smell of earth on foggy mornings.
Wearing leg-warmers and wool leggings and earmuffs.


  1. I miss autumn and I can’t wait for Christmas – autumn and winter are my favourite seasons, I feel like sitting home, reading a book whilst the rain pours outside. I miss all of this!

  2. I totally agree with you when you say that ”the best thing about Christmas is the perfect mix of anticipation and excitement” and i’m very happy because that moment is arriving.
    P.S.: I love your manicure! :)

  3. Reading a book with my cat asleep. Hot black tea. Hot jasmine scented tea. Hot chocolate. Pumpkin pie. Apple pie. Warm pies. Movies in bed. Mornings in bed. Love in bed. And rain and falling leaves outside. Can’t wait.

  4. You’re right, Fanny. Autumn and the excitement before Christmas are undoubtedly the best moment during the whole year. I madly love your ability of description. You can capture moments and fellings and make them eternal.
    I can imagine you walking with wool leggins and jumping between puddles without even ever seen you.
    Have a magic Sunday,