Bonjour juillet

[Hello July]

It’s raining. And somehow, we’re once again having winter in July. It seems to be a standard these days. And really, I could just write a letter to July. Not unlike the one I would write to that boy I’m in like with, that I’ve been in like with since I first saw him, in fact.

A letter to July, sort of

I thought that – as you once feared so much – I had forgotten about you. About those nights of magic rush. About the cold we found only one way to fight against. About those words you told me, and how they felt like music to me. About your lips and how delicious they tasted.

Yes, I thought I had forgotten.

But then, just like the firecrackers that shatter the summer sky in million pieces or the ones you made me feel, I remembered.

As the waves pushed me on the shore. As tiny pebbles rolled on my skin. As I could hear bubbles pop when my head was underwater. And just as I started to let go of myself, I held onto you a little more with every somersault. I miss you. And I wish you were here. And really, I wish I’d never let you go.

There would be Pim’s, and lemonade too. Blackberries – of the wild, tiny, kind – picked from bundles of green leaves. And mostly, there would be the sun.

I shouldn’t complain though; the past month was pretty much amazing.

Not unlike spending days at a café terrace or in the potager. Not unlike sleeping on a péniche [canal boat] and eating tellines cooked à la plancha, just so. Literally and figuratively too.

Summer happened and it was great. Nights with that boy I’m very much in like with happened and it was more than great.

But I guess, July will be a month of new beginnings. A new flat (by the Thames, and really, all caps could be appropriate here; perhaps even exclamation marks). A new job at my old-school love: the Capital, alongside two of my favourite chefs, Richard and James, who are making beautiful things on the plate and in my mouth (I’m always spoon-ready, just in case…). I might add Jake, the apprentice to that list too. He’s the most amazing little chef ever and really I wish he was on pastry full-time.

And it feels so good to be in a kitchen again after so much time spent in flip-flops and bikini. One day last week, we got delivered a little (ahem, of the 2kg kind) too many blackberries, which I turned into a very dark du jour dessert.
There was a blackberry coulis topped with clotted cream mousse and crystallised white chocolate. Blackberries pan fried in a little sugar until just juicy; and some fresh ones, halved, too. A blackberry foam, barely set. And a big fat quenelle of clotted cream ice-cream. Oh, and I almost forgot the most important: a crumbly yet melt-in-your mouth vanilla sablé.

That night, I also made a pré-dessert of red-currant sorbet with peach granita and a touch of yoghurt foam, with a see-through tuile.

Yes, it might not feel like summer around here these days, but one thing is for sure: good things WILL happen. Under the rain. Drenched to the bone. Smile on my face.

The unofficial July happy-list.

1. Melting a tablespoon of nutella in the microwave then topping it with one scoop of cookie dough ice-cream on a rainy evening. Eating it with a side of Made in Chelsea. And calling it a day.
2. Which one I feel more guilty about: nutella slash ice-cream or Made in Chelsea? Hmmmm really, no need to feel bad, just watch a few episode of Cooking with Dog to reset the tacky-balance.
3. Watching the boats go by at night from my bedroom window.
4. Dreams made of plates and foams. And fruits and ice-creams. This is always the place I get my ideas from.
5. Finishing to write the never-ending book. Yes, I’m almost done and, all of the sudden, feel like I need to change everything.
6. A second strawberry season. Or a lesson in making the most of climate differences between the south of France and London.
7. A happy place made of aprons and plates. And labels and plastic containers. Yes, I belong to the kitchen.
8. Drinking bloody maries, and champagne, and gin and tonic during the same night.
9. The thought of Lukie growing up fast. Soon she won’t be a baby anymore. I miss her so so much already.
10. Day-dreaming about lands that lie behind puddles and on top of clouds.

What are you day-dreaming about these days?

5 thoughts on “Bonjour juillet

  • chris July 14, 2012 at 7:05 am

    I think I’m gonna have to hop on my private jet and come and visit you in London. And mostly eat all your desserts. They sound amazing! x

  • anna-sarah July 14, 2012 at 10:06 am

    I miss you so much

  • Lucia July 14, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    The sun always comes back. And so do people we love, even if they’re far away from us right now.

  • Cindy July 18, 2012 at 11:08 am

    “Rêves sucrés”…. Can’t wait for it!!!
    Cooking with dog is THE best japanese cooking show on youtube! Made several recipes and they’re always spot on with my japanese teacher! :)

    These days, I’m dreaming that stars ain’t out of reach and that anything really is possible… Fingers crossed!

  • Aïda July 22, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    Ces photos sont toutes plus belles les unes que les autres!!
    J’adore. Et j’adore aussi cette nouvelle mise en page du site, notamment cette petite “banderole” dessinée en bas :)

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