Dans le jardin

[In the garden #1]

We picked radishes. A big fat handful of them. We cleaned them under running water and kept the leaves for a soup. We ate two strawberries straight from the plant. They still had a little dirt on them and tasted sweet like summer is.

We coated courgette flowers in a light batter made with sparkling water – of the tempura kind – and fried them until crunchy. We cut a salad, no, two. And made a vinaigrette, and drizzle it over the beautiful leaves.

We watched tomatoes grow. Tiny plump green jewel. And really we can’t wait. We left a few camomile flowers to dry in the sun. They made the best tea ever the night after. I had mine with a bit of honey and ice-cubes.

Hope you’re enjoying those early summer days. And those few words about my never-ending garden.


  1. ohh, les beignets de fleurs de courgettes, que c’est bon! Dommage que nous n’ayons pas l’impression d’être en été ici …

  2. I just love your photographs they really are spectacular, do you use film or digital? I would be so interested to know and maybe learn something about cameras.. I also love your beautiful illustrations, I hope they will be in your little cookbook… I am also writing a cookbook for my business bakingforthestars.com I too have similar experiences as yourself.. far away from home UK, I now live in Canada and have a bakery/cooking studio, I teach classes and also paint as a hobby. You have inspired me today to attend a wonderful life drawing class this evening. Thankyou,

    1. Thank you so much Karon. These pictures are taken with a Canon 400D and then edited to look like film (with more or less success). But I do love real film too. In fact, I almost exclusively carry my Pentax ME Super with me at all times. You can see the pictures it gives here.

      Good luck on the book! xx