“Busy”, for ever and more

Trying to finish the book keeps me busy. But I have the feeling, someone – not to name anyone, Lukie – is going to keep me even busier.

She/he’s the tiniest thing I’ve ever held in my arms and I can’t seem to get enough of her/him*. See you soon. x

* don’t judge, it’s really hard to tell!


  1. excited for the book! and so nice that you have a little kitten soon :)
    don’t worry, i have a friend that names her rabbit fifi, only to realize some months later that fifi was a boy. but she decided to keep the name fifi for him.

  2. Five kinds of cute!

    How are you getting the book done so fast? How long have you been carrying around a mental list of recipes? ;)

  3. Monstercircus & Row – it’s the most wonderful kitten I’ve met. Sooo cuddly and always looking for a game to play.

    Cathy – thank you! I hope France is treating you well. Good thing to know I’m not the only one with ‘sex’ issues.

    Frances – working days and nights. Writing/baking/making/failing/writing. This is how my days go by. Some of the recipes are ones I used everyday at the restaurant, but home ovens are so different, everything needs to be tested.