“Busy”, for ever and more

Trying to finish the book keeps me busy. But I have the feeling, someone – not to name anyone, Lukie – is going to keep me even busier.

She/he’s the tiniest thing I’ve ever held in my arms and I can’t seem to get enough of her/him*. See you soon. x

* don’t judge, it’s really hard to tell!


  1. excited for the book! and so nice that you have a little kitten soon :)
    don’t worry, i have a friend that names her rabbit fifi, only to realize some months later that fifi was a boy. but she decided to keep the name fifi for him.

  2. Monstercircus & Row – it’s the most wonderful kitten I’ve met. Sooo cuddly and always looking for a game to play.

    Cathy – thank you! I hope France is treating you well. Good thing to know I’m not the only one with ‘sex’ issues.

    Frances – working days and nights. Writing/baking/making/failing/writing. This is how my days go by. Some of the recipes are ones I used everyday at the restaurant, but home ovens are so different, everything needs to be tested.

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