Les vagues

[The waves]

I drove along the coast on Sunday. It was raining. Of the fast windscreen wipers kind. And the wind would push waves on the road.

I stopped. And my cheeks turned pink. And my glasses got covered in mist.

On this little animated gif, they might not look big, but trust me, the waves were at least two-metres high.

PS. Thank you so much for all the sweet words about le petit cookbook! I’m getting more and more excited with every word I write. And a bit stressed too! I mean, it’s not like the deadline is in a week… Oooops.


  1. At first I thought the title of this post was Las Vegas! Just keep plugging away, you’re going to do a terrific job, I know it.

    Haha that could have been great too. But instead I’m on la cote and it’s not bad either ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing this beautiful impression. You’re writing so simple but yet so poetic. It got me dreaming I was on the coast myself.

    Thanks for dropping by Isabell. And glad I was able to take you with me by the sea!