La boîte à recettes et autres petites histoires

[The recipe box and other little stories]

1. A feature I’d been wanting to do for ever: a recipe box on the front page of the blog. You can access it by clicking on the link in the navbar above or scrolling to the bottom of any page.

2. In the sidebar and above the header, you’ll now find a small list of the social medias I’m fond of. My facebook page, instagram pictures, and twitter feed. And for inspiration, I’m giving you links to my pinterest and my much loved tumblr.

It looks like this:

3. Speaking of instagram, you can see my latest iphone pictures in the sidebar. Fun times ahead!

Now, I realise my blog has a weird layout that can make navigation somewhat difficult. Is there any tweaks or things that you’d like to see around here?


  1. I am following you! I am following you on Pinterest, like the worst kind of stalkers :-)
    This is fantastic!!! I love your drawings! Your style, lady, is just…well I LOVE IT!!! Thanks!!
    I find your layout great, by the way… Have a gorgeous day, Fanny!

    Thank you so much Margherita. xx

  2. i tremendously fall in love with all your creation, especially the GIFs… you should seriously consider turning them into posters or something :D i’ll be your first buyer.