Everyday magic

I made scones today. Twice, because two seems to be a trending number these days. Same recipe, except for five extra grams of milk.

And somehow, no matter how long I have been a pastry chef for, I’m still amazed by how details matter. In those moments, pastry feels like a celebration of the ordinary. All those things we take for granted, all those things we often overlook are in fact what we should care the most about.
His lips brushing my cheek, the dance of falling blossoms, that instant when the sky slowly turns pink, the wishes we make for every blown dandelion.

And this is what gets me going really. The everyday magic.

Scones are all of that. The way they bond with clotted cream and jam as if they’d always been kindred spirits.

Yes, definitely everyday magic to me.

What’s your favourite topping for scones?

Now, don’t judge, but I’m partial to a thick layer of wholegrain mustard and a rustic brunoise of green apple. See you later with the recipe and tips to make the best scones ever!


  1. Hi Fanny,
    I’ve been following your blog for some time now. Great job.
    I completely agree with the ordinary magic of pastry or cooking in general. But pastry does demand a love for detail….
    Anyways, where do you actually work? unless I’m blind,(which could be) I haven’t seen the name of the Hotel you work at.
    For the scones: I personally like salty sweet, so why not top it with a poached egg, olive oil, herbs and fleur de sel?

  2. Fanny, these scones are gorgeous!!! Can’t wait for the recipe!! Raspberry jam and tons of clotted cream for me :-) but I just made a mandarin and Prosecco marmalade that would be great on scones too! Love!! Margherita

  3. I learnt to make scones from a beautiful person with beautiful hands.
    He said: don’t knead the dough, make it come together.
    cut but don’t twist

    …. Topping….. clotted cream and blood orange-lavender marmalade

    Hmmmm blood orange and lavender marmalade sounds amazing. I love the words of your scone-friend and his beautiful hands. x