Bonjour avril

[Hello April]

My weeks have been made of Sundays lately. And it really feels like walking with my eyes closed and crossing my fingers at every step I take.

Not unlike getting lost. Not unlike falling in love.

And to be honest, it was all making me a bit so-so. A bit outside of me; behind of me, really.

But I wrote into my moleskine. And I painted asparaguses (?) and a lonely beetroot.

And I had a gin and tonic, or two, but who’s counting? And I kissed him back of stairs made of stone.

And I talked to a friend over a glass of wine and a plate of manchego with those capers I’m so deeply fond of.

And I baked a loaf of brioche. And I fried some beignets too. And I’ve started writing the book that will keep me from feeling so-so ever again.

Yes, belated bonjour avril. And bonjour book. I love you already!

No list for this month. It’s a bit too late anyway, May is just around. And hopefully the beautiful days that are usually made of party confettis too.

Oh, just one more thing: I’m dying to try my friend Rachel’s chocolate mousse. One more thing on the to-do. One more gooood thing to be accurate. See you soon!


  1. Are you writing a book? A cookbook? If you are, I’m glad you are :-) Have a nice end of the month, full of chocolate mousse and asparaguses :-)

    Yeeeees. But I will say more about the book later. Have a lovely end of April too. x

  2. i think it’s asparagi.
    Good luck!

    Thanks Ilaria. I really didn’t know and felt too lazy to look it up on google. Haha. xx

  3. Hi Fanny, it’s great to see the process behind you’re beautiful illustrations. Fingers crossed for May.

    Also, you’re writing a book? What a news! ;)

  4. Mystery solved, felicitations! Wishing you much satisfaction with peace and quiet and watercolours x

    Merci! Thank you so much Frances for all your amazingly kind words throughtout the past years. It really means a lot to me. xx

  5. Alors, j’ai lu ton billet quand tu l’as publié. Je ne pouvais pas commenter sur le moment, mais je me suis dit “whaaaat??? A cookbook by Fanny? AWE-SO-ME ! Je dois revenir pour commenter, pour la questionner !?! ”

    Et genre, je me suis dit ça a peu près tous les jours depuis…

    Et là je reviens et donc :

    “WHATACOOKBOOKOMAGAD!!!!!??!!! Tell me more, tell me mooooore!”
    (et bravo ! )(et félicitations !)(c’est merveilleux !)

  6. Je suis contente que ton beau projet avance. J’espère qu’on retrouvera certaines de tes illustrations dans ton livre. Cà change des photos ultra léchées et c’est tellement plus poétique! :)
    See you!