She fell in love with…

A rainbow kind of sky, as seen from my bike. It was so beautiful it made me question my love for dawn over sunset.

Ohhh such important matters…

7 thoughts on “She fell in love with…

  • Tana March 7, 2012 at 12:16 am

    So beautiful!

  • Cenk March 7, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    This may very well be the most beautiful sunset photo I’ve ever seen.

  • Lucia March 7, 2012 at 5:09 pm

    Sunsets and dawns are both the beginning of something new: even when something ends, something begins. Love this photo!

    Lucia, yeah to new beginnings.
    Cenl, thank you. And all it took was an iphone.

  • Dakota March 8, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    That’s an absolutely beautiful image.

  • Marion March 9, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    Rhola !

  • Laurelas March 17, 2012 at 12:38 am

    Magnifique photo :)

  • Ashlee D. March 26, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    Hey there! I’ve been following you for a long time (you’re actually the first blog I ever read, back when you were on foodbeam, I was looking for a croissant recipe!). I just wanted to stop by and say how much I love your blog! Beautiful picture of a sunset as well :)

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