The daily fix

I wake up to the shy sound of a detuned French radio. And leave a half-drank latte – stay put – on the kitchen table. Off on my favourite hollandais bike.

It rattles, unexpectedly. And the brake feels ever too fierce.

But it takes me to the market. And the little fort by the beach; the one at the end of the stony trail.

I could spend hours there. Especially when the sun turns the sky into a rainbow.

Yes, I’m in Fouras.
And really, how could I be there and not tell you about les jonchées (although, I have before; and not just once)? I don’t think I’m fooling anyone. I’m still addicted.

Perhaps more than ever.


  1. I’d love to see that rainbow sky… And P.S. I’ll never get bored about your jonchee tales. I just wish I could taste one!

    Come visit! xx

  2. Now,I have to visit France,because of the jonchees!(but I can’t, by the way) I’m dying of curiosity about how they taste.Thanks to you and Mr.Lebovitz!

    The best thing you’ll ever have. Trust me.