Those three words – Gelée d’huile d’olives

[Olive oil jelly] In autumn, with figs, a young brillat-savarin curd, and a warm sponge so full of vanilla seeds it’s almost grey. Perhaps, a few toasted and salted almonds for crunch. In winter, with caramelised apples, a white chocolate granita – not unlike snow, crystallised rosemary, and fresh apple bubbles. And maybe, a few […]

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Goodbye, hello

I walked along the Thames. On the very firt morning of 2011. And saw a balloon floating along. And a French bakery. I drank lattes. Waiting for them to cool down, with the wind and cold. I turned the lights off to a kitchen I still miss every now and then. I walked him home. […]

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You’re my favourite flavour

One day I will tell you why I’ve been so quiet this past month. Right now, it all gets down to my bed, a virus, a bottle of water, and way too many pills for one girl to take. In fact, I should probably start with the usual Happy New Year and all the trimmings […]

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