On breakfast for dinner – Bacon and egg sandwich

When home means finally-untangled hair, the sound of waves that won’t quit our minds – oh and of the shower he’s into two-open-doors away while this song is playing on repeat, only rain hitting the skylight is missing for the orchestra.

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Too large a cotton t-shirt. And a pair of knickers. With matching wool socks. Of course.

Oh yes, when home means all of that, it seems to me the situation kind of calls for breakfast for dinner. Preferably involving bacon, and perhaps an egg or two. Or even better, an egg with two yolks.

Like a happy surprise that, all of a sudden, makes up for the so-very recent past.

Slice two English muffins in half. Heat a spoonful of butter in a pan. And crack two eggs open. Season with Maldon sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Plenty of it. Add a couple of slices of smoked bacon along the side.
Toast the muffins until just golden brown.
Pile the bacon and eggs on the muffins. Squeeze a little brown sauce or ketchup on top. And close. Eat, possibly sat on the floor or wrapped in a wool blanket. Go to bed, hoping for rain – or more.


  1. If it’s December, if there are Christmas lights, if it rains, if it snows, if you feel like singing and watching old movies… Let’s have breakfast for dinner!

  2. what a wonderful and delightfully described vignette!
    I have always enjoyed a homemade egg sandwich when the fried eggs have nice crispy edges and it is on a nice warm/crispy toasted english muffin…

    and enjoy the sound of the rain and more!

  3. Oh, to have the first bite of that sandwich! Crackly edge of the English muffin mixed in with the crispiness of the bacon and then, the rich, runny egg yolk… this post has made me quite hungry! :)