Bonjour décembre

[Hello December]

December is made for kissing in the mist, warm nights of magic rush and cold pink dawn, foreseen epiphanies, and perhaps, most importantly, mulled wine.

A short welcome to this new month, because – believe me or not – some things are better left unsaid.

Yes, at times, silence is golden.
So are the blurred roads – barely lit by street poles – that will lead us to Cornish lands for one night of endless lingering.

What will you enjoy in silence?


  1. Silence is so rare and precious. Snow covers everything in white, and then in silence. That’s why I love its flakes, and its cold kisses.

  2. Silence can be a little terrifying, no? But I have a stack of books as tall as my hip to keep me company. Maybe with some Mariage Freres Noel tea.

    And I do like running for the metro at 5.55am, jumping puddles, no-one around to observe…

    Bonnes fetes!