On secrets and playing pretend – Hot chocolate tartine

I’ve been grazing at the sky lately. Sure it was from my bed, possibly half-asleep and not-just-half-deaf, but it was during day time.

Or so I think.

The clock said quarter to three (pm) but the rain made it all so dark it seemed like an hour past my bedtime. Or quarter to three indeed, but not in July. More sometimes around October, or one of those months in herrr*.

So for all of you who dream about ice-cones, pimms and lemonade, and late afternoons at the terrace of your favourite pub, I will give you my secret.

A toasted baguette. More salted butter than you think you could take. And not-just a sprinkle of drinking chocolate.

This will make you forget about the watermelon that has been sitting in your fridge, waiting for the cool-cravings. This will make you forget that instead of chatting the day away on your balcony, your friend was telling you how much he’d love to have a fireplace**. This will make you forget about this season of the year that you once cherished.

Slice a piece of baguette in two. And toast until golden brown. Spread with a thick layer of very good salted butter. And top with a mountain of drinking chocolate, of the cheap kind; Nesquick makes for a perfect tartine.

Listen to the rain. And if it stops and the sun starts shining, just close the curtains and play pretend.

* which also happen to rhyme with grrr, but even thought it’s not an altogether different story, I won’t go there, for the sake of my sanity.

** to which you didn’t answer – or perhaps, more realistically, screamed – HERESY (and yes, it does deserve all caps), but ‘oh yeah, that would be amazing with a thick wool carpet and one too many pillow’.

Now, please make me dream. And tell me your summer is postcard-perfect…


  1. Your tartine sounds lovely, but I’ll wait until fall to enjoy it! Here in Canada we spent the day at the park and the farmers market and the beach, it was 33C and we are melting and living off watermelon and cherries! Hope it warms up for you!!

  2. I just moved to Madrid and after 2 months away from uk i am used to perfct blue sky every day!!!
    Come and visit and I will take you to some nice spanish restaurants ;)

  3. Oh,changement de mise en page! Classique mais BON (et quand je dis BON…), j’aime bien!!!

  4. my summer is indeed postcard perfect.
    a bit cold and wet, but with the right people, i couldn’t wish for more. and of course eating baguettes and butter before the final french goodbye.

  5. Oh, dear. Even here in Italy it has been a rainy and cold summer indeed. Fortunately today the sun shines and the sky is blue.

  6. I love to read your blog, I find the way you write magical and it makes me even forget my sauce on the stove! The summer here in Switzerland is also très terrible. I’m longing for hot chocolate instead of chocolate ice-cream. Bizarre!

    Tell me about it! Yesterday, I was on the phone with my grand-mother and forgot cookies in the oven. Oooops!