Mon écureuil

[My squirrel]

I might have a new friend. Same face. Same place. Just a couple of months later.

And yes, just as I did before, I’m writing this from a bed*. Wrapped in a blanket. With an army of medicines on my bedtable.

*It seems like whenever I’m ill I have squirrels** on my mind.

** Please don’t judge. Those painkillers I have been given really shouldn’t be made available for public consumption.


  1. Je crois que cet écureuil est un inspecteur de Medicare et qu’il vient vérifier si tu es vraiment malade! Repose-toi bien. Take care. Cheers.

    Haha. Plus un point pour m’avoir fait rire. x

  2. Today I have a terrible toothache. My garden is full of squirrels.

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who seem to see squirrels everywhere when I’m ill. xx