Au menu aujourd’hui – Les (pas si) classiques de mon enfance

[On the menu today – The (not so) classics of my childhood]

Childhood memories are – more often than not – strongly related to food.

The slice of store-bought chocolate marble cakeSavane, for those of you who grew up in France – that would leave in your pocket in the morning only to be eaten as a mid-afternoon snack when reduced to a mess of crumbs.

The brioche your mom would make over and over in an attempt to turn a hard yeasty bread into a soft chewy treat.

The tiramisu you would make on Sundays, which you still remember the recipe you once scribbled on a piece of paper: 500g de marscarpone, cinq oeufs et 100g de sucre. It was certainly not the best, but sure tasted like it twenty years ago. At least to you.

Today, I feel like revisiting those fond bites. But really, what should I make?

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