Almost wordless – Mandarine soup in a crisp dark chocolate tube

A mandarine soup that tastes better than bitting into the real fruit. The crunch of dark chocolate.

I always seem to think I don’t like citrus and chocolate. But I do.

And this experiment would taste delicious with a quenelle of ricotta mousse and a couple of almost-candied kumquats. Perhaps a few cubes of olive oil sponge. And a sprinkle of roasted pinenuts, possibly caramelised.


  1. the bottom photo looks like an angry fried egg… to me :D a beautiful, angry, fried sunny-side up egg. sounds amazing! I wish I still had the time and money for experiments like these, but alas, being an art student doens’t leave you with much…

  2. Deja c’est magnifique, et en plus ca a l’air bon bon bon! Digne d’un grand chef un peu.
    Et j’aime bien la premiere photo, elle est digne de moi. :)

  3. Love your new blog, Fanny, especially the illustrations! I still remember your very first posts – it’s amazing, how your style has evolved. And your pastry, too :)

  4. citrus and chocolate is my favorite combination, even above peanut butter and chocolate. I think it reminds me of my childhood, so it serves as comfort food. And I agree with Esther above…the bottom photo DOES sort of look like an angry fried egg (in a good way). Beautiful photographs once again.