Month: February 2011

A trip in nothingness, through the pentax

on the road

I don’t really know where to start about my – our – recent getaway to Cornwall. I have seen landscapes so beautiful my eyes hurt. I have eaten food so delicious my taste-buds remember. I have driven so much I feel the speed of the motorways at night.

It was like a dream. In nothingness. Le néant, a bit like in the neverending story.

Breathtaking. Figuratively, when the wind would push the ocean against the rocks. Literally, when the fog would only allow us to see a few metres away from the car.

We stayed at the loveliest bed and breakfast. There was a fireplace. Hot chocolate and rocky roads. Thousands of books to read from.
But I will talk about this later.

For the time being, all that matters are the precious moments I spent with Aïda and those to come. And for the record, two girls + six cameras give you a lot of pictures to go through. And many unstoppable laughs over the most random things ever.

Here are the ones from the pentax me super. And you can even get a glimpse of our FAIL with the diana (and instant back).

aida gurnards head cornwall

diana fplus

bakery st yves

flowers cornwall st yves

fog road cornwall

cows cornwall

pendeen lighthouse

feet cornwall

aida pendeen lighthouse

wind cornwall

baby cows cornwall


The end has no end

Last night, I said goodbye to a kitchen. As I was cleaning, I realised it would be the very last time. And I just couldn’t bring myself to live the space that had almost become my home.

A weird kind of home. Where stripped aprons seem to be trendy. And smiling faces too.

I then proceeded to cry. Only a little.

I turned the lights off. Gazed – for what might have been minutes – at the neat marble that was more than once swallowed by a pile of notebooks, flour, and too many two-litre containers.
Because, let’s be honest, I spent some solid hours treasure-hunting for those damn plastic boxes. So whenever one was found, it would be fought for and kept.

It was mostly a good fourteen-month. Made special by a few amazing chefs I got the chance to share my coffees and kitchen with. Oh yes, let’s take a minute to celebrate caffeine.

And more.


Almost wordless – Mandarine soup in a crisp dark chocolate tube

A mandarine soup that tastes better than bitting into the real fruit. The crunch of dark chocolate.

I always seem to think I don’t like citrus and chocolate. But I do.

And this experiment would taste delicious with a quenelle of ricotta mousse and a couple of almost-candied kumquats. Perhaps a few cubes of olive oil sponge. And a sprinkle of roasted pinenuts, possibly caramelised.